JSC «Kerammash»
Joint Stock Company «Institute for Ceramic Machinebuilding «Kerammash», Ukraine, SLovyansk, fax: +38 (0626) 667338
JSC Kerammash - Today the leading engineering company in the CIS with a full production cycle - from the idea generation to delivery of "turnkey" equipment

We develop energy-efficient engineering solutions and produce:

  • furnaces for steel, alloys and machine parts heat treatment;
  • furnaces for non-metallic materials and products;
  • furnace for various materials and products drying and calcination;
  • components for thermal equipment;
  • automatic combustion control system;
  • special technology equipment.

All heat treatment equipment is manufactured under the trademarks ТермоГаз ® [ ThermoGas ] — furnaces gas heated and ТермоМастер ® [ ThermoMaster ] — furnaces electrically heated. We modernize existing heat treatment units for machine-building, steel works, chemical and ceramic industries. Most of the production is done to order for a particular technology, taking into account the specifics and conditions of the Customer.

Engineering - powerful scientific and technology company center - the main link in the chain from idea to result.

As a part of the design department and a group of JSC "Kerammash" advanced technologies the highly qualified specialists work, having a successful practical experience in the field of heat treatment industrial furnaces.

Design is carried out using high-tech computer systems, allowing specialists to implement up-to-date design and technical solutions for any complex idea in the shortest possible time.

Production – is of high quality level

JSC "Kerammash" has developed technical and industrial base, consisting of certain specialized industries:

  • procurement site;
  • the marking-out section;
  • the machining site;
  • the isolation site;
  • the site for the production of shaped castable shaped forms;
  • heat treatment site;
  • electrical mounting site;
  • Assembly and mounting section №1 and №2
  • Gas analytical and ceramic laboratories.
  • Assembly section for large steel structures with total area of 2109m2.

The company got the approvals for the management quality system, according ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 1800:2007.

Technical service is of European standard.

All the installation work, equipment commissioning and start up as well as staff training, warranty and after-sales service, the company carries out on its own. The company continues to develop a variety of warranty programs:

  • Extended warranty;
  • All components in stock.

Now the adaption of the remote access systems grows, problems are solved to provide furnace self-diagnostic systems. The technical service is actively developing the Call Centre - where by phone you can receive the consultation related to the heat treatment equipment operation manufactured by our company.

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Historical background

The “Institute for Ceramic Machinebuilding” was founded as the Slavyansk department of automation for production technological processes as a branch of the Soviet Institute for Electrical Ceramics “VNIIEK”.
The Slavyansk pilot plant VNIIEK was created. Both organizations VNIIEK department and the plant carried out the works on the development, production and implementation of technology equipment for the electrical ceramics production.
started the production of special technology equipment for ceramics productions: diaphragm pumps, vacuum presses, filter presses, ball mill …
participation in the program of sealed nuclear plant reactors production.
the Slavyansk pilot production site was founded.
the development of the main company activities was  initiated. Design and creation of efficient heat treatment units (furnaces electrically and gas heated), on the basis of energy-saving technologies.
The Slavyansk branch plant got the name JSC "Kerammash".
the first industrial furnace gas heated was created and put into operation.
JSC "Institute for Ceramic Machinebuilding" was renamed into JSC " Institute for Ceramic Machinebuilding “Kerammash" (Private Joint Stock Company).
JSC "Institute for Ceramic Machinebuilding “Kerammash"" - 40 years !!!